1. Wanita
    21 août 2016

    Very valid point. HAH! I am far more comfortable with the recos on linkedin or the testimonials posted on a site. I tend to think the RTing of your own compliments should be left to everyone else… not the recipient of the tweet.If the perception of someone RTing their own compliments is ne2&givea#8t30; and perception is reality…

    • Tilly
      9 janvier 2017

      That’s a slick answer to a chiellngang question

    • traverse automobile
      18 février 2017

      charitable contribution. It’s an investment and…(it) benefits the country for generations,” wrote NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen in a recent blog post, explaining how a federal student loan helped her pay for her education degree. “It is the

    • boat plane
      15 mars 2017

      I would reccomend anything by Ambrose. Start off with “Citizen Soldiers” and work your way thru. I have also read Ghost Soldiers. Its pretty good.


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